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Here at Little Fish, we like to keep our fingers on multiple pulses. We keep a keen eye on the residential property market, so we can achieve the best outcomes for our clients.

We also keep an eye on the construction industry, so we can always partner with the most efficient and quality builders.

And we keep an eye on the lending sector because development finance is always an important aspect of any development project. After all, money doesn’t grow on trees.

And finally, we like to keep an eye on the big players in town. We believe in inspiration, growth and learning from the best.

So we’ve compiled this helpful list of the top five residential development companies killing residential property development in Melbourne, right now.

These are the big fish if you’ll pardon the pun. We’re definitely available for a chat if you’re interested in small to medium size developments.

Otherwise, keep reading to learn about the big players in the best city in the world.

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Always Choose the Experts

There are residential development companies popping up left, right and centre, all claiming to be expert property developers.

Many of these companies don’t have runs on the board or the team and relevant development project manager experience.

So the aim of this article is to give you an idea of the cream of the crop and how they operate.

Note that this list isn’t ranked. We rate all of them as brilliant companies equally. We’ve kept the list to five because we really wanted to highlight the best of the best.

And finally, if you are looking for a builder and not a developer go here. Let’s get into the list!

1. BPM Corp

This residential development company builds large, multi-residence developments in dense urban areas.

With a reputation for quality, style and profit, BPM Corp is amongst the top-tier players in and around the CBD and around South East Melbourne.

Founder and History

Founded by Jonathan Hallinan in 1995, after working as a carpenter. His development journey started with a small sub-development and grew from there.

Over twenty years, he’s built up the company to a large-scale residential development company. BPM has a reputation for high-quality builds that add value to locations some of the best marketing in the game.

What Sets BPM Apart

BPM residences are sleek, modern, sustainable and generate profit.

Flagship Project

They won an award in 2016 for the best luxury development. Their Shadow Play project was the worthy winner of this prestigious award. You can check out BPM Corp here.

2. Gurner

These guys are without a doubt one of the leading residential development companies in Melbourne right now.

With a plethora of developments currently underway across New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. Gurner are a new player in the market but are quickly making a major impression.

Founder and History

The company was founded by Tim Gurner in 2013, where he gave it his namesake. He’s no stranger to the industry.

As he was the co-founder of Urban Inc and also ran Pan Urban where he won an award in 2010.

What Sets Them Apart

The company solely focuses on luxury developments. They target affluent buyers who want to live in a prestigious location.

Every site is within a few short kilometres of the CBD. This gives residents access to bustling city nightlife and café culture. Their residences make worthwhile investments or places to live.

Flagship Project

One of Gurner’s current projects is shaping up to be its flagship development. Named “Saint Mortiz”, these luxury apartments will feature in the classic Melbourne suburb of St Kilda.

Aimed at Melbourne’s most affluent, the development will feature unparalleled class and even an in-house wine curator! You can check out Gurner here.

3. Little Projects

Little Projects is an international business. It is focused on innovative and superb quality residential and commercial properties. They have a knack for acquiring prime lots in inner-city locations and turning them into stunning apartment blocks.

Founder and History

Paul Little founded Little Projects, a residential development company in 2006. Paul has a solid background in logistics, having led Toll Group to become one of Australasia’s’ primary logistics companies.

He also provides philanthropic support to sporting and medical research organisations.

Since being founded, they have developed a solid reputation for quality builds and stunning design. They have built over 2,000 apartments and townhouses in their years of operation.

What Sets Them Apart

Little Projects have a strong reputation for a reason. They are absolutely committed to quality, assuring it in every project.

They realise that where people live is more than a home. It also reflects their personality and lifestyle.

With that in mind, they design and build developments to suit inner-city aesthetic and personalities. Several of their developments have won awards.

Flagship Project

This company has almost too many standout projects to single out one, but if we were pressed, we’d say Dux Richmond Hill.

This outstanding residential development features an unparalleled eye for detail and won two awards. You can check out Little Projects here.

4. PDG

These guys are true all-rounders. They’re like a jack of all trades, but a master at everything they do. From residential to commercial, to mixed-use developments. They have a reputation for diversity and innovation.

Founder and History

Vince Giuliano founded the privately-owned company during the 1980’s. He was inspired by his father, an Italian migrant who came to Australia after the war and began designing and building homes.

PDG keeps it in the family, with many members working within the company today. They have built up a reputation during the last few decades and are a recognised brand.

What Sets Them Apart

PDG know that, like most industries, people are at the heart of everything. Nothing can be achieved without the right attitude and knowing what people need and want.

They are a client-centred development firm that believes in working closely with all stakeholders throughout the entire duration of a project.

They like to maintain their professional relationships to a high extent while developing all sorts of property for their clients.

Flagship Project

PDG is currently involved in the Queen Victoria Market redevelopment in Melbourne. They are working on a site adjacent to the market and are making a multi-use hub.

Designed and built through the lens of sustainability, modern design and health.

The finished works will see the City of Melbourne’s largest community hub as well as a boutique hotel. It will also include upmarket retail spaces and a small number of luxury residences.

You can check out PDG here.

5. Pirovich

This residential development company is a family-owned enterprise that specialises in boutique residential projects in Melbourne.

They keep it all in the family, with multiple family members working in the business. The company has two arms – Development, and Construction.

Founder and History

Lorraine and Peter Pirovich back in 1984 were the founders of the company. Darren and Ashely inherited their passion for the business and dedication to development.

The sons now manage both branches of the company.

What Sets Them Apart

Being a family-owned business means that the Pirovich clan take a warm, person-centred approach to their work.

At Pirovich they attract top talent in the sector because of this friendly working atmosphere. They bring this attitude into all their dealings.

It gives them a reputation for both quality work and being a pleasure to work with. You can check out Pirovich here.


While there are many successful residential development companies operating in Melbourne and Australia.

We thought it would be worth doing some research into our top five.

If you’re considering reaching out to any of these guys to potentially partner with here are 21 questions to ask them.

At Little Fish, we’re always aiming to improve our game and offer the best possible service to our clients.

We look to these companies for inspiration and leadership in the field and we hope to make a name for ourselves in the years to come.

Remember, if you ever need any assistance in managing your development or even just information about residential development.

We’d love to hear from you 1300 799 277.