Rick Brockwell is the founder of Electrical juggernaut Brolec. He shares his storey from losing everything to growing Brolex to one of Australia’s top three privately owned electrical contracting businesses.

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09:31 Ricks childhood
11:38 How’s 50 years old see life now?
14:28 Dad said, “You are going to be a plumber.”
19:00 Dad’s left the family
22:30 Forgiving Dad
26:33 Sliding doors moment
31:10 What’s it was like in 1990
32:29 Wheelie bin inventor story
34:43 Never name a company after yourself
39:25 Lessons from a failed business
41:31 Football club taught me
43:22 Keeping a clean desk
46:42 Changing perspective
49:01 Denzel Washington has never seen a Uhaul behind a Hurst
50:42 It’s about giving value
57:03 Where Rick is at now
01:01:19 101 Collins Street project
01:06:26 Good news
01:09:57 Advice for people wanting to step off the line
01:14:30 Jealousy versus envy

Guest Intro

Today’s guest founded Electrical Juggernaut Brolec back in 1989 at the ripe-old age of 21.

Now one of Australia’s top three the privately owned electrical contracting businesses.

In 2018, that same business was engaged by 101 Collins St Melbourne to light up one of the city’s tallest buildings.

Not only did they successfully transform the address into the crown jewel of the city’s skyline, but they bagged an Award for Excellence in the process.

Boasting more than just an illuminating career servicing the likes of Melbourne Airport and Victoria Police.

Our next guest has also seen his own name in lights.

Playing no less that 253 VAFA matches.

Give it up for sporting and business great, Rick Brockwell!

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