Rod Hamilton is co-founder of employee experience platform Culture Amp which has over 1000 employees, generates over 150 million in annual revenue and is valued at over two billion dollars. Culture Amp clients include Adobe, Canva, Mcdonald’s and every AFL club, to name a few. Welcome to the Little Fish Podcast Rod.


5:44 Before Culture amp started
11:10 Background of founders
12:35 Side hustle or full time
13:35 First product
14:56 MVP product
16:07 Build and kill
18:13 Paper prototype
19:41 Sticking together and staying strong
20:53 Who is decision maker
24:30 Bootstraping and raising capital
33:40 First capital raise
36:20 Transition to be having clients
37:12 Landing Square and Adobe as clients
40:55 Prove yourself
41:15 How the product has changed
42:50 People do Culture amp because they think they should do it
44:40 To be successful
45:52 Clocking the game and finding freedom
48:13 When I interview people
49:17 The best thing about achieving success
53:45 Stepping out
59:35 Tips for value

Guest Intro

Our next guest has been at the helm of the employee experience platform Culture Amp for almost 12 years.

Before helping the company crack the ‘unicorn’ status of $1 billion valuation, sounds like it’s now well north of that now boys… several Billion. 1000 employees $150mil Australian annul revenue.

He built a career helping businesses crack the big time, through innovative tech.

In doing so, he quickly realised the need for a platform that would help project teams and companies unlock their true potential.

As a result, Culture Amp was born.

Today, he helps the likes of Adobe, Canva, Soulcycle, Etsy and McDonalds, every AFL club also, bit closer to home – amongst 6,000 other global clients – enriching their employee experiences.

He’s a founder, techie, growth nerd … and all-round people geek. Give it up for Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of one of the world’s most innovative companies, Rod Hamilton.

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