Sam Wood made a name for himself as the bachelor in 2015 – today, he is the founder of Australia’s fastest growing online training platform 28 by Sam Wood which was recently part of a 71-million-dollar purchase. He shares his journey from a broke out of sorts personal trainer to a bona fide business mogul.

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3:30 Real success
8:28 Early days
11:06 Ups and downs of investing
13:41 It’s never smooth sailing
15:12 Impact of Covid
17:22 Business online
20:05 Rise of the Bachelor
23:12 Reality of being the Bach
28:03 Seek discomfort
32:09 It’s hard work
33:53 Overnight celebrity
38:40 More than the bachelor
40:30 Business is booming
46:22 Blast to the past
48:23 Work/life balance
53:16 Why 28?
59:02 A clear mindset

Guest Intro

Today’s guest on the podcast made a name for himself in 2015 as an eligible bachelor but has since forged
a career as a leading health and fitness expert.

As the founder of Australia’s fastest-growing online training and nutrition program.

The creator of the country’s first-ever kids gym, the proud owner of the largest personal training studio, and a cast member of one of the nation’s longest-running living and lifestyle shows, it’s safe to say he’s flexed his muscles in almost every arena.

He’s the face and the brains behind Gecko Sports, The Woodshed, The Wood Life Podcast,
two best-selling books and an amazingly popular fitness program, 28 by Sam Wood. It’s – you guessed it – Sam Wood.

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