This week on the podcast, we talk to entrepreneur and business mogul, Scott Didier. His company, Johns Lyng Group, now turns over circa $850M, achieving compounded growth of 25% pa over the last 18 years. Get ready to walk away with invaluable business advice from a guy who’s been acquiring and selling businesses for years.

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5:41 Buying the John Wings Group
11:06 How to choose your key players
12:11 The three things we recruit for
16:05 What defines your culture?
20:50 Keep your rockstars moving
23:05 The ones that step out don’t fail
25:25 Being street-smart is everything
27:56 The difference between public and private companies
33:39 I review all 1800 employees personally
38:12 Philanthropy
45:20 Advice for those early in business
48:09 The Nike story
50:35 You can do anything, no matter where you’re from

Guest Intro

Today’s guest …

Has been an entrepreneur from a young age, acquiring and selling businesses!

Started as an apprentice vynil layer, left school in year 10 and, but was prepared to work through the night and do what others weren’t prepared to do…Instant take away audience!

His company Johns Lyng Group was turning over 2004, $12mil pa when he acquired it, now turning over circa $850mil over the last 18 odd years it’s achieved compounded growth of 25% pa! MASSIVE.

He holds the exclusive licence to Nike retail here in Australia and NZ.

This guy is a genuine leader, leads by example and provides people the platform to grow, excel and succeed under his model!

Can’t wait to get into, stick around!

Please welcome Scott Didier.

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