Pete kick-starts this week’s show with crucial property market insights that you won’t want to miss. Guru Gav shares insider details about a prime McKinnon development site, while Claire unpacks the first step to setting up your tender for success.

She will break down how to attract the best builders at the most competitive prices. All that and more in this week’s episode, secure top builders, 2024 tender secrets—there’s gold littered throughout!

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00:00 – Kick Off
03:00 – Site Insiders: Guru Gav Unveils a Ripper of a Site 
06:23 – A Stone’s Throw From The City: Mckinnon Road Site
13:18 – Expert-Led Feasibility Study
17:27 – Project Snapshot: The Tendering Process
18:46 – How To Have a Succesful Tender Part.1
20:29 – First Crucial Step: Selecting the Right Builders
24:17 – Second Essential Step: Documentation
28:40 – Final Key Step: Trade Breakdown
35:21 – Conclusion: Tune in For Part. 2 Next Week

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