215 Separation Street, Northcote

separation street

Northcote is a vibrant inner northern suburb located 7kms from Melbourne’s CBD, it’s known for it’s cafes, bars, live music, artistic community and village vibe. 215 Separation Street Northcote is an exciting six townhouse development that’s planted right amongst the action.

The project is in it’s final stages of it’s front end planning process with construction expected to kick-off onsite in the second half of 2019.

Keep checking back here to follow along with the projects progress including the latest updates from our onsite once construction is underway.


Below is a sneak peek at some of the town planning and working drawings with the 3D renders to drop soon.

215 separation street northcote 1
215 separation street northcote 2
215 separation street northcote 3
215 separation street northcote 4
215 separation street northcote 5
215 separation street northcote 6
215 separation street northcote 7

Interior Design

The interior design for 215 Separation Street Northcote has been done by Dani Wales and Ashlee Moyal over at Red Door Project.

The proposed look and feel for the multi-townhouse development at 215 Separation Street, Northcote is one of diverse product quality, richness in materiality, ease of living and comfort.

The overall aesthetic will comprise of moody tones explored through joinery and textiles whilst ensuring a restrained yet considered Contemporary Australian aesthetic is achieved. Added interest will be introduced through the use of textured paint, stone, engineered timber flooring, matte finish joinery, statement tapware and joinery hardware. A comprehensive and harmonious approach to the specification process will ensure continuity throughout.

Functional considerations in the specification of materials, fittings, fixtures and appliances will be made to ensure the outcome appeals to the niche Northcote property market. The final result will be a culmination of aesthetics explored and executed to produce a Contemporary Australian home that will surpass trends, whilst providing a point of difference, with consideration to the anthropometrics of the project location.

We cannot wait to see how it all comes together.


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