215 Separation Street, Northcote

215 separation facade

Northcote is a vibrant inner northern suburb located 7kms from Melbourne’s CBD, it’s known for its cafes, bars, live music, artistic community and village vibe. 215 Separation Street Northcote is an exciting six townhouse development that’s planted right amongst the action.

[This project is now complete] Construction is well and truly underway and is expected to be completed in early November.

Keep checking back here to follow along with the progress of the project via the regular construction updates that you’ll see further down the page.

Completion video

Completion Images

215 separation drone
215 separation drone 1
215 separation drone 2
215 separation drone 4
215 separation facade
215 separation facade 1


215 separation street northcote
215 separation interior
215 separation bath

Interior Design

The interior design for 215 Separation Street Northcote has been done by Dani Wales and Ashlee Moyal over at Red Door Project.

The overall aesthetic will comprise of moody tones explored through joinery and textiles whilst ensuring a restrained yet considered Contemporary Australian aesthetic is achieved. Added interest will be introduced through the use of textured paint, stone, engineered timber flooring, matte finish joinery, statement tapware and joinery hardware.

Functional considerations in the specification of materials, fittings, fixtures and appliances will be made to ensure the outcome appeals to the niche Northcote property market.

Check out this video with our co-founder Peter Kelly discussing all things interior design and property developing with the Red Door ladies.

Property Brochure

Meet the Builder

Construction is in Mossman’s blood. Directors Rami Adra and Khoder Samie grew up in families adept in small-scale property development.

Quickly building a reputation among developers, investors and architects as a customer-focused solutions team with an uncompromising eye for quality.

Mossman has completed over 100 projects across Melbourne, imposing no limits on quality and integrity. As builders and as people they live and operate by these values. It shows in their work and in the total satisfaction of their customers.

When they say they’re going to do something, they do it. On time. To budget. And to the high level of excellence every customer, and every space, deserves.

Construction Updates

22.07.2021 - handover complete.

Previous Updates

08.07.2021 - handover process in progress.
24.06.2021 - sealing driveway in progress and handover to follow soon.
10.06.2021 - defect works complete, certificate of occupancy to be issued soon.
27.05.2021 - water tank installation in progress and builder rectifying defects.
13.05.2021 - carpet & flooring finalised, paint touch up in progress. Project almost complete.
29.04.2021 - carpet installation in progress, paint finalised and main switchboard installed.
15.04.2021 - tiles and painting almost complete, garage door and flooring installation next.
01.04.2021 - boundary fence complete, landscaping and painting in progress.
18.03.2021 - driveway and stormwater pits complete.
04.03.2021 - stone works and tilling almost complete and painting underway.
24.02.2021 - service connections in progress and fittings installation complete.
18.02.2021 - waterproofing & external plumbing works in progress.
04.02.2021 - bedroom joinery installed and bathroom tile and bath installed.
21.01.2021 - kitchen joinery complete and staircase framing is progressing well. Tiling to start next.
17.12.2020 - joinery and staircase are almost complete. Scaffold removed and facade close to completion.
27.11.2020 - joinery and staircase in progress and plaster underway.
12.11.2020 - external cladding and rendering to the rear is complete. Plaster and staircase up next.
26.10.2020 - external rendering nearing completion and internal insulation well underway.
14.10.2020 - rough-in nearing completion and ceiling battens being installed, ready for plaster.
24.09.2020 - cladding, rough-ins and windows nearly completed and plastering to commence soon.
10.09.2020 - rough-ins are still in progress and stair measurements are underway.
25.08.2020 - cladding going well and rough-in's to start from next week.
12.08.2020 - external cladding installation is in progress.
30.07.2020 - sisalation paper is done, battens for cladding is installed. Cladding to start next week.
17.07.2020 - the roof is now complete.
01.07.2020 - internal rough-ins underway.
17.06.2020 - progressing with the external cladding.
03.06.2020 - roof truss installed and external cladding underway.
21.05.2020 - second floor frame is underway.
07.05.2020 - first-floor frame complete, ground floor brickwork is underway.
23.04.2020 - the last of the steel is in. First floor frame underway.
08.04.2020 - ground floor framing and structural steel are both underway.
27.03.2020 - pre-fab frames have been delivered. Erection to start in the next couple of days.
04.03.2020 - slabs are now completed. Framing to follow.
19.02.2020 - slab poor is underway.
05.02.2020 - drainage and sanitary piping has been completed. slab formation next up.
23.01.2020 - demolition has been completed and the site set-out is underway.

Progress Shots


Below is a sneak peek at some of the town planning and working drawings with the 3D renders to drop soon.

215 separation street northcote 1
215 separation street northcote 2
215 separation street northcote 3
215 separation street northcote 4
215 separation street northcote 5
215 separation street northcote 6
215 separation street northcote 7


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