Co-founder of Culture Kings, Simon Beard turned humble market beginnings into a $600 million streetwear empire. Catch this thrilling episode as we delve into his audacious risks and bold moves, building a cult following with clientele like Snoop Dog, Drake, and Bieber. Hear about the moment he almost became a Billionaire and what happened next!


2:28 Bennys Big News
6:50 Introducing Simon Beard
8:52 Simon’s History
16:46 Learning How to Sell
20:00 How Much His First Slippers Cost
21:36 Starting Culture Kings
28:15 Where did Culture Kings come from?
31:39 Growing the Brand / AfterPay Introduction
36:46 Working with Celebrities
40:01 Selling Culture Kings
47:16 AI is the Future
50:26 When You Know It’s Time to Sale
53:28 Making Your Brand Stand Out
56:10 Seeing Millions in the Bank
59:32 Fixing the Business When Something Breaks
1:01:50 The Fish Tank
1:07:30 Does Money Buy Happiness?
1:11:28 Final Words

Guest Intro

Today’s guest started from humble beginnings at a weekend market.

Firstly, selling slippers to schoolies on the Gold Coast and eventually transitioning to streetwear.

He and his partner in crime grew that company to a staggering valuation of $600 million.

After partially exiting the business in one of Australia’s largest private retail acquisitions, they sold just over half the company for a massive $307 million in cash and 23 million in a.k.a Brands stock.

Blasting their way onto the Financial Review’s Rich List in the process.

They built a brand with a cult-like following and a VIP client base, including Snoop Dog, Drake and even the Biebs.

They did all this by taking significant risks and making bold moves, which we are pumped to unpack today.

Give it up for the co-founder of one of the world’s most renowned streetwear brands Culture Kings, Simon Beard.

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