In this episode, we speak with the founders of Speak and Share, a movement breaking down the stigma around mental health and encouraging open conversations with friends. They share their personal experiences with suicide and how it motivated them to start this movement. Join us as we discuss the importance of speaking up and checking in on our mates.

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05:06 Speak & Share Intro
07:00 How They Met & Got Started
13:28 The Importance of Talking About Mental Health
14:25 The Motivation Behind Speak & Share
20:02 How To Start a Charity
24:41 Setting the Tone
27:41 Their Process / Business Workings
33:59 What a Week Looks Like for Speak & Share
35:58 Branding and Merch
41:45 Future Plans
48:23 Final Messages
49:56 Sports Careers
52:07 Final Words

Guest Intro

In today’s episode, we hear from the founders of Speak & Share, a non-profit organization dedicated to breaking down the stigma of mental health.

They share their journey and the importance of starting conversations around mental health in our communities.

Their engaging videos and strategies have helped save lives and inspire change.

Give it up for Ben and Nathan from Speak & Share.

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