Are you considering subdividing some land in Victoria but aren’t sure if it is a good idea or not?

Well stick around because, in this article, I’m going to share 15 reasons why it could make every bit of sense for you. Let’s get into it.

It’s no secret that in the past subdividing land in Victoria has seemed difficult for most to undertake. To learn about subdividing for property development click here.

It isn’t something that has really been on your everyday landowner’s radar either.

Fast forward to today, and that’s not the case. 

In fact, it has never been more accessible, possible, and made more sense. This is how you go about subdividing land.

And here are 17 reasons why subdividing property in Victoria makes every bit of sense.

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1. Flexibility

subdividing land victoria

Turning one asset into two, three, four etc. giving you flexibility with your asset.

You can sell one or two to help reduce your debt. You can retain dwellings to rent, which in most cases if done correctly will be positively geared.

So, you can generate passive income which is great for those trying to build wealth with retirement in mind.

You could even retain a brand new one you’ve designed yourself to live in.

2.  Potential to Upgrade

builders warranty insurance

Upgrading from an old run-down maintenance heavy dwelling to a brand-new dwelling complete with builders warranty insurance, brand new appliances, fixtures, fittings, heating and cooling etc.

3. Have Your Cake and Eat it too

As a property developer you can develop or invest where you can afford and then rent where you want to live. 

So, you are still enjoying the benefits of market growth over time but ultimately living life where you want to and not where your budget puts you.

4. Increase Your Equity

build equity

By building more equity into your investment, it will allow you more capital to leverage for further investment opportunities.

Never forget that money makes money! So, although it can feel slow in the beginning, once you get going it begins to compound!

5. Potential for More Buyers

When it comes time to sell it can be easier to sell to buyers looking for smaller blocks with low maintenance. It is a common trend that has been developing over recent years in Victoria as more people subdivide land.

Learn about the cost to subdivide your land.

6. Generate Quick Capital

generate capital

You could simply subdivide your land then keep the original dwelling and sell off the subdivided lot or lots. 

This is the fastest way to generate capital through subdividing, as you don’t need to run the entire design and build process.

7. Looking After Loved Ones

Creating housing for loved ones which might mean your parents are getting older and you want to keep them close. 

We have managed countless dual occupancy developments where our client subdivided land purely for their aging parents or for their children.

8. Partner with Like-minded People

subdivide to team up

If you are smart and partner up with someone that is like-minded and motivated to undertake a development. 

If done correctly you can find yourself living in a suburb you may not have been able to afford on your own. 

So, it could be friends or family such as siblings.

Ultimately you can’t get into the suburb on your own but if you partner up on a dual occupancy project you potentially could.

9. Activate Unused Land

Subdividing is the perfect way to activate unused land, so monetise the land you aren’t using to help start building wealth.

10. Maximise Capital Growth Potential

By holding multiple dwellings by default, you are doubling or tripling down on future capital growth.

So instead of holding one property through a boom you hold multiple to get maximum capital growth benefits.

On a side note, if you have a mortgage attached to the land you plan to subdivide I suggest you check out this article I wrote – it will get you up to speed.

11. Killing Two Birds with One Stone

It’s a unique opportunity to get into your first home and start building your property portfolio in parallel. 

Simply one land purchase and one build can equal two properties rather than one.

12. Supercharging Your Property Portfolio

Instead of sitting around waiting for capital growth on the back of the market you can actively create it irrelevant of market trends and cycles.

13. Multiple Exit Strategies

subdividing victoria options

This kind of ties into one of the earlier points but even so it’s important enough to double down on. 

Having multiple exit strategies is a great advantage and helps minimise risk. You can sell the land bare, build and hold or build and sell. You could even consider a combination of the three.

14. Information is Freely Available

In the past you had to figure out the process for subdividing land in Victoria on your own if you couldn’t afford to engage a professional project manager or consultant. And there was little information out there.

These days there is plenty of quality information out there such as the information we share on this channel

So, if you have the appetite, you can absolutely facilitate the subdivision on your own.

15. Become an Armchair Developer.

These days there are also professional development management services that can facilitate your land subdivision on your behalf.

Engaging professionals mitigates the risk and means you don’t have to do any of the heavy lifting.

You can focus on whatever it is you like to spend your time doing.

Wrapping Up

subdividing and building victoria

At the end of the day when you peel the onion right back, subdividing and building in Melbourne when done correctly can be very lucrative and set you up financially for the future even create true financial freedom.

Finally, if you aren’t sure what a dual occupancy subdivision is go here.