Swag on the Beat – the dynamic comedy trio of Isaac, Sam, and Jack – went from high-school mates to social media sensations. A hilarious video made during lockdown quickly went viral, leading to millions of followers and international acclaim. Join us to hear about their inspiring journey.

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03:02 Swag on the Beat Merch
04:27 Introducing Swag on the Beat
07:29 How They Got Started
13:50 A Look Behind Their First Skit
15:57 The First Brand Deal
22:18 Live Sketch Shows
24:00 Going Full Time
29:20 What’s Coming Up
31:37 Swag n the Beat Branding
34:17 How They Stay Grounded
35:30 Coming Up With Ideas
39:08 Working Together
41:54 Future Goals
43:33 Best Experiences So Far
47:52 Knowing The Audience and What They Want
50:55 Mentors
51:43 Advice from Swag On The Beat
58:12 Best Tip for Creators
59:39 Final Words

Guest Intro

Today’s guests are a homegrown comedy trio from Melbourne …

Whose homemade videos have Catapulted them to viral status on platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

Born from nothing more than a desire to have a laugh during a lockdown. These boys now have more than one million followers watching their every move on social media.

A raging success they put it down to their uniquely relatable flavour of comedy.

From capturing an off-the-cuff clip in Woolies, this overnight social media sensation has gone on to secure lucrative campaigns with the likes of Red Bull, Pepsi and PlayStation.

Give it up for today’s guests; the viral trio Isaac, Jack and Sam from Swag On The Beat.

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