The boys invited some guests to the studio so they could crack a beer and reflect on the year that was. They talk about their businesses and getting the Little Fish Podcast off the ground.

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0:02:14 Last Podcast of the Year
0:02:30 Why Dan Didn’t go to Panama
0:03:48 Welcome Back to the LF Pod
0:04:13 Conversation Starter Question
0:08:01 Congratulations / A Big Year for the Pod
0:09:01 How were Dan’s businesses Manna Made and Strong Pilates
0:14:15 Little Fish Properties and Little Fish Real Estate
0:18:13 Building the Team, New Employees
0:18:48 New Development Podcast Next Year and Townhouse Masterclass
0:20:50 Reflections on Starting vs Where We Are Now
0:21:20 Learning From the Podcast Guests
0:22:55 Looking Back on the Guests, Where Was the Gold?
0:23:50 Danny Hays
0:25:40 Chelsea Pottenger
0:27:39 Daniel Flynn
0:28:39 John Bertrand
0:30:51 PK’s Highlight’s
0:33:00 Spending Time With Guests After the Pod
0:34:12 Next Year for Dan, Which Guest or Topic Would He Like?
0:36:35 Next Year for Ben, Nedd Brockmann
0:39:25 Next Year for Pete, Which Guest or Topic Would He Like?
0:39:55 Hamish McLachlan
0:41:00 Plan and Strategy for Next Year
0:42:42 Audience Questions
0:43:30 Who Did the Graffiti and Wall Art?
0:45:35 Why We Do the Boys Episodes
0:45:59 What is the Qualifier for Guests?
0:47:10 Thumbnails and Titles
0:49:20 Has Finding Guests Gotten Easier? Generosity of Guests
0:51:05 Question for Brixton, Did She Suggest the Podcast to Benny?

Guest Intro

There was no formal introduction today. We had a live audience that we enjoyed a bevy with us as we unpacked 2022 with regard to our businesses and the podcast.

This is the final episode for us in 2022, we’ll be back in Feb 2023 and dropping every Wednesday morning thereafter. LFG!

To everyone who has supported us in 2022, we can’t thank you enough.

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