The boys share war stories from their holidays, plot out the podcast goals for the year, and debate if money buys happiness.

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00:01:31 Welcome, and how was the break?
00:04:08 Dan’s trip to the USA
00:08:00 Finding the top local spots in New York
00:08:50 The weather/missing summer if you travel
00:09:45 How was Hawaii
00:12:05 The elephant seal
00:12:52 Dan’s house sale and a new house to buy
00:16:12 Welcome back to the podcast
00:16:32 Two townhouses on Dan’s new site
00:21:27 Ben’s jet ski story
00:25:35 New year’s resolutions
00:30:47 Ben’s Valley Wolves basketball grand final
00:33:26 Pete’s under-18 football flag
00:35:10 Australian girl marathon record
00:38:00 Running marathons and tips
00:40:17 Dan’s resolution is to read 10 books
00:41:20 Goal for the Little Fish Podcast
00:44:20 Does money buy happiness
00:48:21 Handling tips in the US and the exchange rate
00:49:45 Pizza in the US
00:51:14 Milk before cereal or cereal before milk?
00:52:30 Dan’s intermittent fasting

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