Michael Inglis, a co-founder of The Mind Room, discusses the power of sports psychology and mental fitness in unlocking peak performance in sports, business and everyday life.

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00:01:15 Training for marathon
00:05:00 Welcome to Michael Inglis
00:07:15 Where did it all begin?
00:08:45 Why did you get into the space?
00:10:15 Same approach to different people
00:11:25 Why did you start the business?
00:13:14 It’s hard work
00:14:45 The Mind room brand
00:16:24 The lack of attention in the space
00:18:14 Why sports psychology?
00:19:50 Proactive mental health
00:20:40 The work with athletes and benefits
00:23:30 Goal kicking and mental blocks
00:24:53 Process for goal kicking under pressure
00:27:25 Ben giving 100% but still has mental blocks
00:32:50 Altering belief systems
00:33:35 Get checked out if you have a concern
00:35:10 Younger people and mental health
00:35:43 The importance of routine
00:40:14 Hollywood fear of public speaking
00:42:35 Knowledge is not enough
00:43:13 Do all national teams have sports psychologists?
00:47:31 Biggest challenge for the mind room
00:51:03 Giving staff equity
00:51:40 Average punter for the business
00:54:00 Kids and mental health
00:58:58 Investing in the person
00:59:40 Jessica Watson and her psychology
01:01:10 The personality types
01:03:17 Any final advice?
01:05:18 Thanks and goodbye

Guest Intro

Today’s guest has had his head in the sports psychology game for over 10 years.

Co-founding his own holistic business in 2012, he’s been driving the well-being and high performance of AFL, Rugby Union and at the AIS and is the mental health lead of the soccer player’s association ever since.

Working by the philosophy that understanding the mind in turn shapes more meaningful, connected and satisfying lives, our next guest works with Aussies across the full spectrum of mental health.

In fact, his business was built to help people from all walks of life – elite or not – live their lives with authenticity and vitality.

He’s the man behind one of Australia’s biggest sports psychology brands, give it up for the director and co-founder of The Mind Room, Michael Inglis.

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