Tom Nash aka DJ Hookie despite surviving a life-threatening illness and becoming a quadruple amputee at nineteen has managed to thrive and mesmerize audiences around the world as a keynote speaker and DJ. Then again, failure has never been his favourite F-word.

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00:02:08 Airplane seat etiquette
00:04:12 Introducing Tom Nash aka DJ Hookie
00:05:53 Tom on aeroplane etiquette
00:11:06 Life prior to the bad news
00:12:41 Meningococcal and the aftermath
00:14:20 Coming out of the coma and rehab
00:16:15 Did you maintain a positive attitude?
00:18:41 Did things get clearer after discharge and DJing
00:21:07 Starting starfuckers and headlining
00:21:55 Losing limbs process
00:24:23 Did you have a choice to lose limbs?
00:25:35 How did you manage to DJ?
00:28:57 Diminishing returns as a DJ
00:30:35 Where did DJing take Tom around the world?
00:34:15 Difference between Sydney and Melbourne nightlife
00:35:20 How did the keynote speaking start?
00:37:27 First TED talk
00:39:47 Why Little Fish doesn’t take sponsors yet
00:44:28 Will you always have the hooks?
00:45:53 How did people treat you?
00:49:30 Why do you go to Paris?
00:50:20 Why Little Fish wanted Tom on the pod
00:51:40 Explaining what Little Fish Property Development does
00:54:25 Talk us through a typical day
00:57:30 How did your parents cope?
00:59:50 Finding a way to be happy and anti-fragility
01:02:22 Diversifying and dealing with adversity
01:05:01 Tough times and pulling through
01:08:19 One piece of advice to the listeners

Guest Intro

Today’s guest not only survived a life-threatening illness, but he also thrived beyond it.

Despite being given a 10% chance of living and eventually losing both his legs and hands at 19, his determination to turn lemons into serious lemonade has seen him become the celebrated global keynote speaker and the international DJ he is today.

Instead of letting adversity consume him, he let it drive him.

All the way to founding his own lucrative entertainment business that saw our next guest’s name in lights on SBS, the Sydney Morning Herald, Sky News, Buzzfeed, and even TEDx.

He’s a living, breathing example of the expression, “that which does not kills us makes us stronger”.

Give it up for sensational storyteller, and public speaker Tom Nash aka DJ Hookie.

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