In this episode of the Little Fish Podcast, 3-time AFL all-Australian and Geelong B&F winner, Tom Stewart from the Geelong FC club joins us. He shares his inspiring beliefs on seizing the moment to continually learn and be better as both a player and in general life.

Tom talks about how he first got drafted, as well as how he worked hard to prove the people who believed in him right. He also gives us insight into teams and leadership in the AFL. Get ready to walk away with plenty of takeaways from this super impressive stand-up guy. 

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04:03 Footy wasn’t my dream
6:43 When Carlo told me to sort my shit out
10:15 How it felt to get drafted
12:34 The self-belief it takes
14:49 Daily opportunity to be better
16:13 What Scarlo saw in me
17:36 It was about proving people right
19:44 A grand final and a baby
22:23 We lost.
24:16 How do you measure success?
27:11 The main thing that makes us successful
28:24 Leave it better than you found it
31:39 The team is more than just the players
34:02 What makes a great culture?
40:19 Leadership
45:01 Learning to communicate well
49:06 the new kind of leadership
51:28 Will you continue after your career?

Guest Intro

Now guys… Today’s guest might get Hollywood a bit excited, you got your autograph book their mate?

He’s a 3-time AFL all-Australian… Geelong B&F winner!  Is a significant leader down at the cattery. He’s a proud dad 

And knows a thing or two about swinging a hammer!

Tom Stewart.

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