Welcome to episode one of the Development Tank podcast. It’s your weekly snapshot of industry info, topical discussions, and insider insights into the property and development industry. I dial into the same conversations we have day in and day out at Little Fish, showing everyday people like you how to do what we do. Let’s go!

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00:00 Intro: Welcome to Development Tank!
00:04 Unveiling Development Tank: What We’re All About
00:42 The Genesis of Little Fish Properties
01:34 The Essence of Our Podcast
04:20 Exciting Expectations: What’s Ahead on Development Tank
05:35 2024: Our Year of Breakthroughs
07:32 Inside the Site: Exclusive Insights
11:45 Spotlight: 75 Service Street, Hampton Review
12:49 Crunching Numbers: Feasibility Deep Dive
19:21 The Final Verdict: Re-sell Value Insights
20:16 Wrapping Up Site Analysis Conclusion
22:09 Outro: Stay Tuned for More!

Interested in learning more about the building process? I highly recommend watching my video, ‘Stages of Building a House in Australia.’ You can find it here.

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