Trent ‘Maxi’ Maxwell opens up about his adrenaline-fueled world, from magic mushroom mishaps to near-death rescues and firefighting heroics. Discover how he rose to Bondi Rescue stardom, blazes as a firefighter and drives his life-saving initiative Live Learn Survive. Tune in!

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0:00:00 – Introduction
0:01:01 – Introducing Trent Maxwell
0:02:13 – Early Life and Discovering His Passion
0:07:11 – Journey to Becoming a Fire Fighter
0:09:20 – The Brick Lane Pathway
0:11:02 – Rise to Bondi Rescue Stardom
0:13:28 – Aussie Beach Safety Tips
0:17:30 – Thrills & Challenges of Firefighting
0:22:40 – Coping with Stress
0:26:32 – Launching Live Learn Survive
0:34:12 – Teaching Kids First Aid
0:36:44 – Shout Out to Frontline Workers
0:40:10 – Leading & Inspiring Youth
0:41:55 – The Most UNBELIEVABLEBLE Bondi Rescue Story!
0:47:10 – The Crucial Role of a Lifeguard
0:50:27 – The Most Heartbreaking Story from Firefighting
0:59:18 – Big up, Maxie!
01:00:40 – Wrapping Up


Meet Trent Maxwell, aka “Lifeguard Maxi,” the fearless hero from the hit Australian TV series “Bondi Rescue.” On the golden sands of Bondi Beach, Trent became a legend, saving lives both on camera and off. But there’s so much more to him than meets the eye.

Strap in as Trent opens up about his life beyond the cameras. From daring rescues of swimmers tripping on magic mushrooms to his own near-death experiences, Trent’s stories are anything but ordinary. He also talks through his “Live, Learn, Survive” initiative, teaching life-saving skills with the same zeal he uses to tackle towering waves.

Get about it!

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