Tristan Sternson: Pro athlete-turned-tech mogul shares his meteoric rise with Melbourne IT, culminating in a $290 million acquisition. Delve into the mind of one of Australia’s most successful tech entrepreneurs. A masterclass in business and innovation.


6:40 Welcome, Tristan Sternson
8:32 What is Cryo Therapy
10:46 Growing Up an Athlete
14:29 The Traumatic Race
16:47 Going into Business
18:28 Building and Selling Businesses
22:45 Melbourne IT
29:17 Rebuilding a Struggling Business
38:05 Being a Good Leader
41:24 Balancing Time
45:49 What is the future of AI?
57:47 The Fish Tank
1:04:21 Final Words

Guest Intro

Today’s guest was a formattable athlete turned trailblazing tech tycoon.

He started his first business in 2008 at the height of the GFC. Selling just a few short years later to Melbourne IT for a cool 15 million.

He then transformed ARQ Group (formerly Melbourne IT) into one of APAC’s largest digital consulting and tech service providers, which was recently acquired for 290 million, just quietly boys.

Fast-forward to today, where he spearheads NCS NEXT, the tech powerhouse that acquired ARQ.

He’s a global thought leader and tech mastermind who believes in cryotherapy and doesn’t mind a bit of property.

Give it up for Tristan Sternson.

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