Unlock the hidden potential of property investment as we unpack the lucrative world of townhouse development. Join Pete, Guru Gav, and Claire; they will systematically show you how to make more money from your projects. All in this week’s episode, unlocking townhouse wealth, insider insights are uncovered.

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00:00 – Introduction
00:46 – Anticipated Interest Rate Decreases
03:19 – Site Insider Insights
05:14 – Hawker Street Ivanhoe Project Overview
08:07 – Site Analysis and Feasibility
09:10 – It’s A Numbers Game
11:41 – Project Snapshot
12:14 – Extension Renovation in Hawthorn East
15:40 – Interior Mood Board
18:35 – Floor Plan Overview
24:00 – Can Location Affect Profits?
25:02 – Updated Mood Board
27:28 – Recap of Site Insider
28:13 – Closing Remarks

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