We Just Saw Bang For Buck: Why The Yoles Prefer To Build Two At A Time

dual occ melb

Going down the “dual occ” pathway has become an increasingly popular option for Melburnians.

It’s a natural fit for people who want to make the most of a large, underutilised backyard or a vacant block.

Dual occupancy homes or duplexes are two homes built on one parcel of land in two types of configurations; side by side or stand-alone. Thanks to their flexibility, dual occs are broadly appealing to everyone from downsizers who want to stay at their current address and own an investment property, to first-home buyers who want to realise the full potential of their land.

For investors Bridget and Shane Yole, it was a simple matter of value for money.

“I think we just saw basically bang for buck, you know,” Bridget explains. “Why build one house when you could build two?”


The couple are now working on their third dual occ project with Metricon. Each have been built in Bentleigh East.

“One of the things that attracted us to DualOcc by Metricon is that they did side-by-sides and that dual frontage appealed to us, so it just started from there,” Bridget says. The construction of every dual occ is guided by council planning regulations, but this was less of a headache than the Yoles expected.

“Once you’ve decided to build a dual occ you have the assurance of knowing that when you speak to DualOcc by Metricon, they are well and truly across what council needs and they’re there to get the best they can for the customer,” she says.

“They’re able to filter through ideas and sit with the customer and say, ‘Ok so you may want the jacuzzi on the roof, but we’re telling you that’s probably not going to happen’. It’s an efficient process and knowing what council wants, they are a step ahead anyway.”

They may occupy smaller footprints than single-dwelling developments, but dual occ builds don’t need to compromise on space or style. The end result is two beautiful homes that present owners with a range of choices, says Bridget.

“One of the great things about a dual occ is you have various options having the two houses,” she says. “You can say, ‘The market’s not doing well, let’s hang on to them both’ or ‘The market’s doing well, let’s sell one and hang on to the other’ or you can sell both.”

Bridget’s advice for new dual occ builds is to be patient with council processes, have faith in the expertise of your builder and be prepared to be flexible with your plans.

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