Willem Powerfish Ungermann, a comedian and prankster, has captivated a cult-like following with his unique brand of humour. His extraordinary journey takes us through addiction and mental health struggles, leading to unprecedented fame and business success. Balancing record-breaking fishing achievements with a deep commitment to philanthropy, he embodies resilience and an unconventional path to the top.


2:28 Power Fish Intro
3:39 Where Did “Powerfish” Come From?
4:46 Who is Willem Powerfish?
6:50 How did he get started
10:25 Facebook VS Youtube
12:45 BTS of the Most Popular Videos
14:46 Sinking Boat and Trailer
16:05 Why the Pranks Stopped
17:25 Starting to Get Noticed
18:55 Finding True Happiness
21:15 Tips for Mental Health
25:03 How to Stay Relevant / Growing the Brand
29:18 How to Connect with Viewers
32:36 What Drives Power Fish?
36:09 Planning the Videos
38:15 Dealing with Negative Comments
41:30 Willem Powerfish Collabs
45:28 Giving Away the Boat
47:37 What’s the Goal?
51:21 3 Giveaways a Week
56:09 The Fish Tank
1:04:00 Weight Loss Secrets
1:06:23 Working on Merch

Guest Intro

Today, we are in for a wild ride, boys.

Today’s guest is a record-breaking fisherman, comedian and mental health advocate all rolled into one.

Harpooning his way into the Guinness Book of Records with a 3-metre flathead.

He is a modern-day entrepreneur who turned adversity into triumph, inspiring millions with his YouTube pranks and flatty fishing adventures.

He built a global merch empire and almost landed himself in jail in the process.

Buckle up, folks, as we dive into the extraordinary world of this iconic figure and explore his journey from near self-destruction to becoming a beacon of hope for male mental health!

Get ready to be hooked, lads haha

Give it up for Willem Ungermann, aka the legendary Powerfish.

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