This week on the Little Fish Podcast, we have Zed Nasheet, the founder and CEO of Zed Real Estate. He came to Australia after fleeing the Taliban with his family from war-torn Afghanistan at age 13. Fast forward to today, and he tops the list as the number one agent in Victoria, having sold over 200 million in real estate in the last 12 months alone.


08:25 The start of zed’s journey
10:23 Fleeing from the Taliban
16:14 Selling hotdogs outside nightclubs
19:57 Failed high school, loved business
21:24 How Telstra led to real estate
25:18 What you lack in skill…. (numbers game)
26:59 Getting my biggest gig ever by saying hello to strangers
34:25 Three years with no sales was NOT a failure
37:18 Don’t let money drive you
41:05 I get in trouble for filming
45:53 People pay you for your why
52:22 The key to being a great real estate agent
59:44 Self-belief

Guest Intro

Self-titled property titan, today’s guest holds the title of ‘World’s Fastest Real Estate Agent’ After selling a three-bedroom Melbourne property to an investor 15-minutes after it was listed.

He is now officially the number one agent in Victoria after selling $209,000,000 million dollars in real estate last year.

After emigrating to Australia at just 13, he’s spent the years since scaling the real estate ladder at a record speed. Eventually forming his own agency alongside his three brothers in 2009.

To date, Zed Real Estate has amassed more than 40 staff and sold upwards of $1.4 billion in property boys.

He spent his first 10 years living with 14 people in a two-room house after his family fled the Taliban.

Now he lives in his $5 million Bayside mansion driving a half-million-dollar Lamborghini, he’s put in the hard yards and now reaping the rewards.

And we are going to figure out how he did it!! Give it up for Zed Nasheet.

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